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Improving the quality of life through AYURVEDA


Madhumana Ayurveda Center came into existence in 2011 with its main aim to make a difference in individual’s love/sexual life thru Ayurveda. Based in Mumbai, MAC is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Ayurvedic medicines fully dedicated to diagnose & cure infertility problems in both the sexes. As on today MAC has grown into a full-fledged organization committed to provide safe and effective health care thru authentic Ayurveda. We manufacture:

Eight different formulations to high up potency level in men and an incredible sex tool called pleasure (cock) ring exclusively for men.

Four incredible formulations for women's health to overcome Low libido, Breast enhancement, Vaginal problems after child birth and seeking progeny or pregnancy related problems.

Three anti-obesity or weight loss supplements for both men and women.

Three incredible formulations for kids to promote memory, wisdom, height growth and to build muscle power, stamina & strength in growing children.

Eight incredible formulations to treat white patches / vitiligo / leucoderma.

Seven more incredible formulations for effective treatment of Diabetes, Arthritis, High blood pressure, Jaundice, Asthma, Piles / Hemorrhoids and Kidney / Renal stones.

All our products have been tried, timely tested and proven and are made to help heal naturally without any chemical or known side effects. All our products is a blend of Advanced science and Ayurveda giving the best possible treatment in today's modern conditions. 



For further consultation / treatment and for prior appointment please call on (Mobile) +919172811238 / +917738640752 / +918452858187 to meet me in Mumbai or click on “contact us” page to send me an e-mail. Fill all the fields correctly and in ‘Message’ body type your problem in short, your contact telephone/s nos & your full postal address. This way we can revert back to you very soon.


We respect your privacy and promise that we will never disclose or misuse any of your personal information provided to us, forever. Please feel free to contact me if you are longing to get personal advice or want to share some secret, I’ll be happy to help you as well.


Talk to you soon,


For Madhumana Ayurveda Center, 

Sunil Bhai, Mumbai, India.


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Thank you.

Products by Madhumana

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